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Robots with Thermal Sensors are Taking on Climate Change

These Robots with Thermal Sensors are Taking on Climate Change

December 22, 2016 Time to read: 16mins

Remotely piloted aircraft systems. Autonomous sailing drones. Underwater robots. No, I’m not describing the cast of characters in the next Star Trek movie. In fact, these robots with thermal cameras are humanity’s next line of defense in tracking and addressing the devastating effects of climate change, and they all use thermal sensors to get the job […]

Opgal Thermal Binoculars For The Battlefield

Handheld Thermal Binoculars and Their Application In Modern Warfare

December 07, 2016 Time to read:

Effective Fighting of Unseen Fighters in Guerrilla Warfare with Thermal Binoculars Nowadays, armies are less likely to encounter other armies in battle. Instead, what we have is asymmetric warfare where we are fighting enemies that are hidden within dense urban population centers. These guerrilla warfare tactics make for a difficult military situation. While modern day […]

Securing a Border with Opgal Thermal Cameras

Secure the Border with Thermal Cameras

November 29, 2016 Time to read:

Protecting the Integrity of a Country’s Borders A country’s borders are a bulwark against illegal infiltration, criminal and terrorist activity. As such, sophisticated technology is deployed along perimeter fences and walls to guard against potential threats. Border security is of paramount importance to preserving the safety and security of a country’s citizens and visitors. The […]

Thermal Cameras for Android Christmas Gift

The Hottest Gift on Santa’s Wish List for 2016

November 28, 2016 Time to read:

High-Res Night Vision Camera for Android-Powered Devices The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to prep those holidays shopping lists. The word is back from the north pole and according to Santa, tech gifts are once again the most popular presents requested on his lists. One such brand-new tech product has caught on like wildfire […]

Regulating Methane Emissions

Regulating Methane Emissions

November 24, 2016 Time to read:

In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the QuadOa regulations to reduce the level of greenhouse gases (GHG), such as methane, released into the atmosphere by the oil and gas industry. A figure that totaled 231.4 million tons in 2015 alone. These GHGs endanger the public health and welfare of both current and future […]

Enhance Tank Battle Readiness with Thermal Imaging

Enhance Tank Battle Readiness with Thermal Imaging

November 23, 2016 Time to read:

The Battlefield is an Unforgiving Terrain Vision enhancement technology has multiple applications on the battlefield. Tanks are some of the most formidable fighting machines, yet even they are susceptible to ambush. To guard against the dangers of enemy fire, tanks rely on highly advanced technology in the form of thermal imaging. A tank is an […]

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