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Our Management

Ehud Dinerman

President and CEO

Ehud Dinerman was appointed as the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 2018. From August 2013 until his current appointment, he served as vice president of research and development at Mul-T-Lock, ENTR Business Unit Manager and established the ASSA ABLOY EMEA Smart Door Locks development center in Israel.
Prior to that, he held several positions at Rokar, ODF Optronics, Amobee, Intel and Elbit systems.
Mr. Dinerman holds a B. Sc degree in Information Systems Engineering and a M.B.A degree from Haifa University.


Merav Cohen

Vice President, Human Resources

Merav holds overall responsibility for Opgal Human Resources including welfare, recruitment, training, employees and managers development, and labor law. Merav has over twenty- four years of management experience in variety positions. Prior to Opgal, Merav worked at Manpower inc. as regional account manager and branches manager,  at Vishay Intertechnology as HR senior manager and recently at Trima Pharmaceutical Products as head of human resources.

Merav holds a BA. in political science  from Haifa University, Israel.


Sylvie Dascalu

Vice President Defense Projects

Sylvie is responsible for Opgal’s defense projects, and is in charge of supporting all stages of marketing,  customization and adaptation to customer requirements. Opgal’s growth in the security and HLS markets has been credited to Ms. Dascalu’s vital contributions. After joining Opgal in 1985, Sylvie has become one of the company’s pillars. Among her previous roles, Sylvie had held the position of Vice President of the Defense Business Unit, Vice President of Sales and Contracts, and several former roles in Sales and Account Management.

Before joining Opgal, Ms. Dascalu managed sales for IPC, a company producing plastic foils and semi-leathers for the agriculture and furniture markets.

Sylvie holds a B.A. in Architecture & Design from Tel Aviv University, and degrees in Business Management from ORT Braude College of Engineering, as well as from the Technion Institute of Management (TIM), Israel.


Yossi Yaron

Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Programs

Yossi Yaron is responsible for driving the company’s sales revenue for Commercial Security and safety, contributing to Opgal’s growth in the Civil and HLS markets. Yossi also acts as the head of Marketing, ensuring sales & marketing alignment within Opgal, and overseeing the company’s current and future positioning, all with the goal of continuously increasing global presence and market share.

Yossi joined Opgal in 2011 and prior to his current position, Yossi was Director and head of international sales for the Security business unit.

Before joining Opgal, Yossi managed the international Sales of Johnson’s Medical Imaging, with focus on North America and English speaking countries in Africa.

Yossi holds a B.SC. in Computer Science (with honors) and MBA degree in Executive Business Management both from Haifa University.


Tsachi Israel

Vice President, Finance

Tsachi is an experienced CFO, having held CFO positions for the last 15 years in international companies, including in companies listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

At Opgal, Tsachi is responsible for overseeing all of the company’s financial, IT, and legal activities. More specific experience and responsibilities include financing, accounting, financial and tax reports, budget planning and control, costing, cash flow, hedging, multi-year business plans, government grants, valuations, insurance, ERP systems, etc. Tsachi also has extensive experience with capital markets, and in raising money through equity, credit lines, and government grants. 

Tsachi is a certified accountant, and holds a B.A with honors in Economy and Accounting from Haifa University, and an M.B.A. with honors in Economy and Marketing from Ruppin College, Israel.


Yaron Segev

Vice President, Industrial Business Unit

Yaron heads Opgal’s Industrial Unit, overseeing the EyeCGas® product-line for optical gas-leak detection solutions. Prior to his current position, Yaron acted as VP of Marketing & Business Development, leading the company’s strategic global expansion.

Yaron has over Seventeen years of management experience in a variety of positions. In the areas of Business development, Marketing & Sales and Operations management, mainly in the Electro-optical & defense industry. Prior to joining Opgal, Yaron held the position of CEO at Odem Plast & Kidskit, a leading manufacturer of infant and toddler products.

Yaron holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion and an M.B.A. (merit) from University of Derby.


Danny Cohen

Vice President, Operations & Licensing

Danny Cohen focuses on building the crucial business relationships with stakeholders while continuing to work with and grow relationships with clients. Maintaining vital internal cross-department communication to ensure the effective operation of all business-related aspects. Danny has been with Opgal since 1993, and has fulfilled a variety of management positions. Prior to his current role, Danny held the role of as Vice President of Product Management ,and Vice President of Operations. Among his other former positions within Opgal are Product Manager, Production Manager, and Integration Manager. In addition, Danny holds responsibility for Opgal’s export compliance.

Danny holds a B.A. and an M.B.A. (merit)  in Business Administration from University of Derby, Israel.


Ernest Grimberg

Chief Scientist

Ernest is an accomplished scientist and researcher with over 45 years’ experience in the field of video and signal processing. He spends most of his time developing mathematical algorithms that serve as the foundation for Opgal’s thermal imaging products and systems.

Grimberg, who joined Opgal in 1999 and serves as the company’s chief scientist, has led some of the most important projects fueling the company’s revenues. He managed and was the main brainpower behind Opgal’s Enhanced Vision System (EVS), the number one landing-assist and enhanced flight vision system worldwide. He’s also helped develop Therm-App and NDTherm, making him a prime asset at the company.

The fascinating story of Opgal’s Chief Scientist.

Danny Buchman

Danny Buchman

VP of R&D

Danny Buchman leads the Research & Development of Opgal’s highly innovative and state-of-the-art advanced Electro-Optic systems.

Danny has vast experience in Multi-Disciplinary Development, Thermal Imaging, Image Processing, AI/ML, Servo Electronics, Processor and DSP Hardware Development, and Control and Navigation Systems.

Previously, Danny worked at Elbit Electrooptic Division – ELOP, Nanomotion, and Seraphim in various positions such as electronics engineer, group leader, technical director, vice president of R&D, and the CEO of a foreign subsidiary.

Danny holds M.Sc. from HIT in the electronics field.

Omer Cohen

Omer Cohen


Omer Cohen is responsible for leading and nourishing the development and adoption of future technologies across Opgal’s business portfolio.

Through his career in Electro-Optics industry since 1993 Omer has gained expertise in various electro-optics instruments, mainly for thermal imaging for variety of use-cases. Omer has gained experience in imaging devices for military, HLS, industrial, medical and space applications. In addition, Omer has gained knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of micro-electronics fabrication and holds a M.Sc. in this field (2006, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, The Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology). Omer holds B.Sc. since 1993 (Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering, The Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology).


Ram Hashmonay ScD

Ram Hashmonay Sc.D.

Chief Innovation Scientist, Industrial

Dr. Hashmonay is  the Chief Innovation Scientist, responsible for scientific research and development of the fast growing line of innovative industrial products, and the in-house expert for atmospheric physics and radiative transfer. He is an international expert in developing and implementing optical remote sensing (ORS) and other advanced air monitoring methodologies. He is the co-inventor of the Radial Plume Mapping (RPM) method (EPA Other Test Method 10 [OTM-10], Optical Remote Sensing for Emission Characterization from Non-Point Sources). In R&D projects performed under Dr. Hashmonay’s direction for both public and private sector clients, advanced methods have been developed and used to measure gaseous and particulate emissions from sources as diverse as landfills, concentrated animal feeding operations, wastewater treatment plants, chlor-alkali plants, refueling stations, military aircraft, fugitive dust from military activities, open burning, barges, near-road mobile sources, agricultural operations, fertilizer manufacturing plants, oil & gas production facilities, coke oven batteries, chemical manufacturing plants and many locations and process units within petroleum refineries. These studies (performed internationally in N. America, Asia including Israel, Europe, Australia, and South America) also provided essential data for calculating emission factors for these sources. His methods have also been applied for emergency response as well as for human health and safety applications.

1996 Sc.D., Environmental Engineering, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

1990 MS, Atmospheric Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1988 BS, Physics / Atmospheric Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

See more at Dr. Hashmonay’s Google Scholar page.

Moshe Weissman

Moshe Weissman

Director of Quality & Regulatory Compliance

Moshe holds overall responsibility for Opgal’s Quality Management system, and in this capacity works closely with Opgal’s supply chain, design processes, production and customers to ensure that Opgal’s high quality of products and that they meet regulation requirements. Moshe has wide experience with process improvements. During the last years, Moshe has improved quality results and performance across the whole spectrum of the company processes.

Throughout his career, which extends more than twenty-five years, Moshe has acquired extensive experience in Quality Assurance for both design and product manufacturing processes. Prior to joining Opgal, Moshe served as Quality Manager at several local and global companies including Biosense, Galtronics, (where he also served as General Manager for two years), Flextronics, and Melta.

Moshe holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Quality Assurance & Reliability Management from the Technion. He received his M.B.A. from Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom.