Opgal brings Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) and Thermal Cameras to the HUVR Partner Network

HUVR and Opgal Partnership

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HUVR, a leader in digitizing inspection workflows, welcomes Opgal into the HUVR Partner Network (HPN).

The two companies will accelerate an integration to enhance the user experience of both the HUVR software platform and Opgal’s thermal cameras. This integration will ensure customers can leverage Opgal’s EyeCGas cameras to capture OGI and thermal images and easily link them to assets on the HUVR platform. A complete end-to-end system will collect, store and report critical data, and ease the process of reporting fugitive emission inspections to government agencies.

The partnership will ultimately save valuable resources by clearly identifying leaks before impacting the environment or the surrounding area. EyeCGas 2.0 is an intrinsically safe camera that allows technicians to gather leak-monitoring data safely and effectively. Now it’s possible to view hundreds of leak-monitoring locations in a fraction of the time of conventional methods. This capability, coupled with the HUVR platform for managing inspection and imagery data, offers an effective solution for fugitive gas emission monitoring.

Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVR, recently shared, “As we look to refine and digitize inspections that have a great impact on environmental and social governance, Opgal’s OGI solutions will allow HUVR users to easily perform and ingest critical data for spotting and dealing with hazardous leaks across many industries. Users can expect to reduce inspection times by up to 40% when compared to conventional methods.”

Tsachi Israel, CEO of Opgal, commented, “Our partnership with HUVR is strategically important for the whole Oil and Gas industry, ensuring a complete end-to-end solution for detecting and reporting fugitive emissions. This integration will significantly speed up the detection and reporting process and help mitigate risks across the entire industry, making surveying faster, and more efficient”.

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