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Five advantages of thermal cameras with edge analytics for perimeter security

October 27, 2022 Time to read: 16mins

Five advantages of thermal cameras with edge analytics for perimeter security   The camera integrates with clients’ C&C platforms without purchasing third-party analytics suits, reducing costs and cross-supplier integration. Since edge analytics are managed by events as opposed to constant streams – it goes a long way to reduce the level of attention required from […]

Optical Gas Imaging

Advancements in Bottom-Up Quantification of Fugitive Emissions using Optical Gas Imaging

September 05, 2022 Time to read: 5 mins

The rising demand for quantifying leaks and emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in terms of emission rate, raised the question of whether quantification-optical-gas-imaging (QOGI) software was capable of estimating emission rates remotely and accurately. This article describes, in detail, the science and calibration procedures of a quantification approach. What is OGI? Optical […]

The Use of Johnson’s Criteria for “Thermal Camera and Systems” Performance

The Use of Johnson’s Criteria for Thermal Camera and Systems Performance

July 25, 2022 Time to read: 4 mins

When customers are considering which thermal security camera to buy, one of the first questions to the manufacturers of thermal imagers is usually: “At what distance can the thermal camera detect a target?” In other words, what is the camera’s ability to capture very small details at great distances? When thinking about effective surveillance, it […]

Sii OP Thermal Camera Header

The Argument for Edge Video Analytics

July 11, 2022 Time to read: 5 mins

What is Analytics at the Edge? Edge analytics is a method of data collection and analysis in which automated analytics are performed on video data at a sensor level, saving time and resources that would be required if data was sent back to a centralized network. Video analytics can provide an intelligent and automated approach […]

Proposed Appendix K: OGI Camera Calibration

Proposed EPA Appendix K: Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Camera Calibration and Maintenance

May 01, 2022 Time to read: 2 mins

Optical Gas Imaging Camera Calibration and Maintenance Over the next few months, we will discuss aspects of the EPA’s proposed Appendix K and the advantages of Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) to Oil and Gas producers. Compared to gas detectors or “sniffers,” OGI cameras aim to significantly reduce methane and VOC emissions by detecting and visualizing […]

Sii HB Binocular

Interview – Opgal’s Heritage, Network Security and Thermal Imaging Developments

April 24, 2022 Time to read: 10 mins

The newest digital world developments, such as the metaverse, and increasingly sophisticated surveillance systems open an array of exciting possibilities and raise concerns about the new levels of privacy. While Virtual Private Networks remain some of the most widely adopted security solutions, there are other ways to protect one’s privacy in the physical rather than […]

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