Opgal Announces Next Generation EyeCGas Camera

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Building on the success of the handheld EyeCGas camera, Opgal Optronic Industries is launching EyeCGas FX, the next generation gas leak detection camera for installation in petrochemical, oil and gas plants as well as offshore platforms and rigs. The camera is being introduced at the World Gas Conference in Paris.


EyeCGas FX is a highly reliable thermal camera enabling automated detection of hazardous, explosive and toxic gas leaks from a distance. Specially designed for fast detection of a variety of hydrocarbon gas emissions such as ethylene, methane, butane, propane and various VOC (volatile organic compounds), EyeCGas FX includes a sensitive IR camera and an HD color camera for fast recognition of such fugitive emissions in the areas being inspected. It then automatically alerts plant personnel via a color display and warning message, or any other alert mechanism in use.


“Effective gas leak detection equipment is vital to keeping employees, products and the environment safe,” said Amit Mattatia, President & CEO of Opgal. “Over the last years, we have been very successful in developing specialized algorithms and sensors that are highly sensitive to the presence of gas traces in the invisible spectrum. The newly introduced EyeCGas FX is our next step to further expand Opgal’s offering and enhance our overall fugitive gas leak detection portfolio, thus meeting customer needs.”


EyeCGas FX demonstrates an extremely low false alarm rate and is certified for use in hazardous environments, with IECEx-ATEX Ex d II 2G T6 and NEC 500 Class 1 Division I approval. Enabling the inspection of vast areas, EyeCGas FX can be adjusted and customized to specific user requirements.


See the new EyeCGas FX camera at Opgal’s booth, S26, at the World Gas Conference taking place in Paris from 1-5 June.