Since 1983, Opgal has provided one of the broadest product lines of innovative thermal cameras and near-infrared illumination camera solutions. The breadth and depth of this product line establishes Opgal as a leading player in the complex and wide-ranging defense, security, industrial, and aviation markets.
In the Security market, Opgal enables transportation, city and state governments, industrial, and utility customers to detect, recognize, and identify security threats 24/7 even in complete darkness and difficult visibility conditions.
A market leader in the Defense industry, Opgal is known for working closely with customers to deliver custom made solutions that address specific needs.
For the Industrial industry, Opgal developed the only gas leak detection camera of its kind in the world that has been certified for use in sensitive and hazardous locations according to American and European standards (ATEX, CSA, UL).
The company was also the first to provide an FAA-approved landing assist and situational awareness system for the avionic industry.
Decades of research and development have been invested in state-of-the art and unmatched image-processing capabilities. Opgal’s technology, based on exploiting minute levels of energy to produce meaningful video data, goes far beyond standard image quality. Opgal’s products facilitate the detailed insight required to make the correct assessment of a situation and take appropriate action.

Key benefits to customers and partners:

  • A wide variety of products and technologies
  • Unparalleled video quality for accurate analytics with minimal false alarms
  • Thermal imaging and near-infrared illumination cameras
  • Custom made solutions for defense customers for fast time to market
  • Over 30 years of field proven technology and experience

Backed by years of success, Opgal is a global company with customers in over 60 countries.




Ehud Dinerman

President and CEO

Ehud Dinerman was appointed as the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 2018. From August 2013 until his current appointment, he served as vice president of research and development at Mul-T-Lock, ENTR Business Unit Manager and established the ASSA ABLOY EMEA Smart Door Locks development center in Israel.
Prior to that, he held several positions at Rokar, ODF Optronics, Amobee, Intel and Elbit systems.
Mr. Dinerman holds a B. Sc degree in Information Systems Engineering and a M.B.A degree from Haifa University.

Tsachi Israel

Vice President, Finance

Tsachi is an experienced CFO, having held CFO positions for the last 15 years in international companies, including in companies listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

At Opgal, Tsachi is responsible for overseeing all of the company’s financial, IT, and legal activities. More specific experience and responsibilities include financing, accounting, financial and tax reports, budget planning and control, costing, cash flow, hedging, multi-year business plans, government grants, valuations, insurance, ERP systems, etc. Tsachi also has extensive experience with capital markets, and in raising money through equity, credit lines, and government grants. 

Tsachi is a certified accountant, and holds a B.A with honors in Economy and Accounting from Haifa University, and an M.B.A. with honors in Economy and Marketing from Ruppin College, Israel.

Yossi Yaron

Vice President, Sales and Programs

Yossi Yaron is responsible for driving the company’s sales revenue for Commercial Security and safety, contributing to Opgal’s growth in the Civil and HLS markets.


Yossi joined Opgal in 2011 and prior to his current position, Yossi was Director and head of international sales for the Security business unit.

Before joining Opgal, Yossi managed the international Sales of Johnson’s Medical Imaging, with focus on North America and English speaking countries in Africa.

Yossi holds a B.SC. in Computer Science (with honors) and MBA degree in Executive Business Management both from Haifa University.

Yaron Segev

Business Development & Marketing Director

Yaron is responsible for Opgal’s Business development, marketing & product development, overseeing the company’s current and future positioning, with the goal of continuously increasing global presence and market share. Prior to his current position, Yaron acted as the Director of Business Development for Opgal’s Defense and Non Destructive Testing business operations.

Yaron has over Seventeen years of management experience in a variety of positions. In the areas of Business development, Marketing & Sales and Operations management, mainly in the Electro-optical & defense industry. Prior to joining Opgal, Yaron held the position of CEO at Odem Plast & Kidskit, a leading manufacturer of infant and toddler products.

Yaron holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion and an M.B.A. (merit) from University of Derby.

Omer Yanai

Vice President, Industrial Business Unit

Omer has been with Opgal for the last eight years and his main current focus is on growing Opgal’s EyeCGas® offering of optical gas-leak detection solutions. In addition, Omer leads other new ventures at Opgal such as industrial Non Destructive Testing, and holds the CTO office responsible for the evaluation and introduction of new technologies and business opportunities. Among his achievements at Opgal are the development and commercialization of Therm-App®, the world’s first Android based thermal imaging camera. Prior to this position, Omer was involved in the execution and implementation of an M&A transaction and moved to the United States to serve as Site Manager, for a period of two years. Formerly, Omer served as VP of Marketing & Business Development, leading the company’s strategic global expansion. Overall, Omer has over twenty-five years of global high tech experience. Prior to joining Opgal, Omer served as COO of a clean-tech start-up, Product Manager of an RFID company, and prior to that as Director of Business Development & Strategic Planning at Tower Semiconductors.

Omer holds a B.Sc. with honors (Cum Laude) in Industrial Management Engineering from Ben Gurion University, and an M.B.A. from Haifa University, Israel.

Igal Carmi

Vice President, Operations

Igal holds overall responsibility for Opgal’s operations including: supply chain management, inventory management, purchasing, import / export, new product introduction, and production. In this role he oversees the delivery of thousands of Opgal cameras to customers in tens of countries globally. Igal has over twenty five years of management experience in a variety of positions. Prior to joining Opgal, Igal held the position of EVP of Global Operations & Supply Chain at Risco Group, and a number of operations and procurement management positions in companies such as Elscint and Comverse.

Igal holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Technion and an M.B.A. from University of Derby, Israel.

Ernest Grimberg

Chief Scientist

Ernest is an accomplished scientist and researcher in the field of video and signal processing. He has over forty five years of experience in algorithm design, development, and implementation. Graduating from Israel’s Military Intelligence labs, Ernest joined Elscint where he developed the first ever Gamma camera for medical applications. Later he joined Elbit where he was responsible for the development of air-to-ground ‘send and forget’ system algorithms. He joined Opgal in 1999 and was one of the leaders in transitioning Opgal from a production focused company to an R&D company. At Opgal Ernest has led some of the most important projects fueling the company’s revenues. He was in charge of the development of the Enhanced Vision System (EVS), Opgal’s flagship product for the aviation market which, for many years, was the only FAA approved EVS system, and is still the number 1 system worldwide. Later, he helped develop Opgal’s OGI fugitive gas leak detection camera, the EyeCGas, winning accolades for its outstanding performance. Ernest is material in all of Opgal’s new development programs and ventures, including cooled and uncooled cores, Therm-App®, NDtherm® and others.

Ernest has authored many research articles and was a popular speaker at industry events. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering & Physics from the Technion and an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Uzi Ovadia

R&D Director

Uzi is in charge of Opgal’s research and development activities across all business units.  Uzi has more than 25 years of management experience in technology oriented companies in which he held senior R&D, sales and marketing and international business development positions. Before joining Opgal, Uzi acted as the vice president of sales and marketing for Dor Chemicals, and before that served as the CEO of Cellaris.


Uzi holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engeneering and an M.B.A., both from the TEchnion, Israeli Institute of Technology.

Merav Cohen

Human Resources Director

Merav holds overall responsibility for Opgal Human Resources including welfare, recruitment, training, employees and managers development, and labor law. Merav has over twenty- four years of management experience in variety positions. Prior to Opgal, Merav worked at Manpower inc. as regional account manager and branches manager,  at Vishay Intertechnology as HR senior manager and recently at Trima Pharmaceutical Products as head of human resources.

Merav holds a BA. in political science  from Haifa University, Israel.


Part-Time Inside Sales Representative –Roswell, GA

Feb 15, 2018

We are looking for an energetic, and independent individual who wants to be a part of a very special company.

Job Description

  • Locate, call, and research for new prospects and customers by using existing marketing lists, Google search, trade shows, and other sources of information.
  • Qualify leads through research and customer interactions.
  • Educate potential customers about our innovative Thermal Camera systems.
  • Provide basic product specifications.
  • Maintain lists of contacts and follow up until a sales person should be involved directly with that contact.
  • Follow-up with new leads and opportunities.
  • Research new business development opportunities.

Required Background

  • Self-motivated, organized, and independent.
  • Proven ability to successfully interact with and manage prospects and clients in technology related markets.
  • Proven track record for identifying, pursuing, and following up with opportunities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent customer service, interpersonal, sales and organizational skills.
  • Inquisitive mind and demonstrated problem solving skills.
  • Proficient computer skills with high attention to details.
  • Experience using a CRM tools for logging and tracking your prospects (not mandatory).
  • An ability to communicate in other languages (not mandatory).
  • Experience dealing with international customers (not mandatory).

Vumii Imaging Inc. and all our employees are committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards. We require all employees to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, and regulatory orders. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and high ethics is as important to us as our reputation for making innovative Thermal Imaging solutions.

Vumii Imaging Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


For further details please call Doron at: (678) 578-4711


Board Designer

Jan 08, 2018

Job Requirements:

Digital design development, development of digital/analog circuits that include FPGA, software processor integration , on-board/inter-board hardware components, involvement in various R&D processes: design, development, manufacturing, verification, integration, writing edit files and SI/PI simulations.

  1. B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering
  2. 3 years’ experience as board design engineer – mandatory
  3. Analog/Digital circuit design
  4. Knowledge of ALTERA INTEL / Xilinx environments
  5. Experience with Hi Speed Board Design: DDR3/4, SERDES.
  6. Experience with CL, MIPI, GIGE protocols
  7. Experience with FPGA components verification
  8. Experience with multi disciplinary systems (hardware/software) – advantage
  9. Experience with working as a team with multi-unit developers.


FPGA Engineer

Job Requirements:

  1. B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering.
  2. Proven experience in VHDL/Verilog programming.
  3. Experience in FPGA development including design, synthesis, simulation, and validation processes.
  4. Experience with XILINX and/or ALTERA components.

We are looking for independent and curious candidates with the ability to work in a team and solve ongoing challenges by thinking outside the box.