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Since 1982, Opgal has been developing a broad portfolio of innovative thermal camera solutions.

Our Management


With offices in the US, India, and Israel, Opgal has established itself as a leading player across multiple and complex industry verticals, including defense, security, industry, and aviation markets. In the Security market, Opgal enables critical infrastructures, airports, border police, safe city programs, and industrial customers to detect, recognize, and identify security threats 24/7 even in complete darkness and difficult visibility conditions.

Our Vision

Our vision is all about YOUR vision. We strive to see thermal imaging solutions light up the way of our customers. We will use our vast experience and field-proven expertise to better the safety and security of our clients, by providing customized thermal imaging solutions to keep people and assets safe and secure – come rain or shine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be YOUR professional team of choice, offering quality surveillance solutions based on a customer-oriented approach and application-based needs. We will provide a quality product, on time and within budget, while nurturing long-term partnerships built on consideration, trust, open communication, integrity, and professionalism.

Key benefits to customers & partners:

Backed by years of success, Opgal is a global company with customers in over 60 countries.

Elbit Systems


An Elbit Systems subsidiary


Experts in uncooled thermal imaging technology for low maintenance and high MTBF

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Over 37 years of field proven technology and experience

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Offices in the US, India and Israel

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An OEM provider with +500,000 operating units deployed worldwide

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Custom made solutions for defense and HLS applications