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Thermal Camera Image

New applications for thermal imaging devices around the world – Sep 2018

September 05, 2018 Time to read:

Thermal imaging technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Since its first use for military applications, thermal imaging cameras have gained popularity across multiple civilian and academic environments. The ability to visualize infrared radiation from various objects has created new ways to use thermal imaging and benefit from its unique capabilities. In this article we […]



July 31, 2018 Time to read:

More and more are the applications finding use in thermal imaging technology. The ability to image 24/7 in all weather conditions, no matter the lightning, makes them a tool adaptable to almost every need. We’re used to seeing thermal cameras and systems being used mainly for security and defense applications, but the truth is that […]

OGI P.2: Effectiveness of gas leak detection technologies

May 22, 2018 Time to read: 16mins

Gas detection technologies landscape Over the past decade, several new technologies have been introduced to detect and measure natural gas leakage. There are optical/infrared (IR), flame ionization detectors (FID), Method 21 “sniffers” (older), and others. Devices utilizing these technologies can be fixed-position, portable/or hand-held, or drone-mounted. Some are to be used remotely, others in closed […]


All About Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) – Part 1: Complying with regulations

May 16, 2018 Time to read: 16mins

The pressure to process natural gas and oil quickly, safely, and cost effectively while complying with environmental LDAR legislation is constantly building, requiring a more comprehensive monitoring approach to safety and regulatory practices. Newly enforced regulations by governments around the world to reduce emission levels push companies in oil and gas and other sectors to […]

Intro to IR (Part 5): Lens

May 07, 2018 Time to read:

Because glass blocks electromagnetic radiation of infrared wavelength, so that it doesn’t reach the camera’s detector, lens for IR cameras are made from different materials that have high refractive index and low optical dispersion. Germanium is a common choice, optically best suited to handle photons radiation as it is the most efficient available material to […]

Intro to IR 4 - Optics

Intro to IR (Part 4): Optics

April 30, 2018 Time to read:

Have you been puzzled by all the optics terms you saw in camera specifications or all the different types of lenses available? Because most people have little knowledge of optics and lens design, it can be difficult to judge lens performance outside of a subjective visual evaluation. The most accurate way is to dig into […]

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