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Opgal OGI Academy – Quantification

September 14, 2020 Time to read: 16mins

Understanding OGI Leak Quantification Recently, market demand is rapidly increasing for OGI quantification. Quantifying leak rates with OGI is an extremely complex and challenging to achieve. This specific task requires a sufficient level of problem-solving and innovation skills in different steps of the process. To be able to quantify with OGI, Opgal uses the help […]

Opgal OGI Academy – Range

July 01, 2020 Time to read: 16mins

Applying OGI Technology for Long Distance Detection When discussing gas detection, there are 3 important elements we consider. Loss of revenue, Environmental (pollution) and most importantly Safety. The use of OGI technology these days is prominent. OGI cameras are an effective addition in the infrastructure of many oil and gas industry facilities. Quantifiable Factors for […]

Opgal OGI Academy – Sensitivity

May 10, 2020 Time to read: 16mins

Discover the Influential Factors for Determining OGI Sensitivity Among the many losses encountered by the oil and gas industry, the losses due to emissions are far-flung. In 2015, the natural gas industry in the US alone emitted almost 162.4 million metric tons CO2 equivalent of methane. So, one can clearly notice that industries face the […]

Opgal OGI Academy – Equations

May 01, 2020 Time to read: 16mins

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) technology has been proven to be a very effective tool for detecting and visualizing small gas leaks and larger fugitive emissions in petroleum refineries. The objective lesson is to introduce the fundamental physical principles of OGI technology, outside and inside the camera. This is a cornerstone chapter for several OGI related […]

Critical Infrastructure

The Ability to Detect From a Distance

December 24, 2019 Time to read: 16mins

 Observing this series of photos taken every 30 seconds by OPGAL’s OGI camera (EyeCGas 2.0), shows a significant volatile organic compounds emission (VOCs) event, including methane released into the air. The gas flows through a cold pipe (the black flare structure), and its temperature evens out with the ambient air temperature upon release to […]

Cool tips opgal

10 Thermal Imaging Tips – #2 Cooled vs. Uncooled

November 14, 2019 Time to read:

Hear our Thermal Experts talk about their thermal imaging tips. Elad Vekstain, from our R&D team, talks about the pros and cons of cooled and uncooled thermal cameras. Should your customer use cooled or uncooled thermal cameras? In the past – cooled was really the only option for most applications. Over the last two decades, […]

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