Active Thermography NDT Testing

Opgal’s NDTherm® solution enables fast, non-contact, real time inspection of parts on the production line or in-service. It allows quick detection and identification of composite defects in various materials and structures such as (CFRP, GFRP, sandwich structures, hybrids, etc.), metals, and plastic parts. NDTherm’s active thermography ndt testing technology utilizes Opgal’s proprietary thermal imaging cameras and in-house manufacturing. NDTherm is safe, easy to use, and is suitable for large surface inspection, including applications where access is only available from one side of the structure.

Opgal NDTherm® NT/LF NDT Testing

NDTherm® NT/LF

A portable NDT solution using innovative active NDT thermography technology. NDTherm NT/LF allows quick and safe inspection of parts, in-service and on production lines.

Opgal NDTherm AU Thermography NDT System

NDTherm® AU

An automated thermography ndt testing solution using innovative and active thermography technology. NDTherm AU has been designed for the quick and efficient inspection of parts on industrial production lines.

Opgal NDTherm NT LF Thermographic NDT

NDTherm® FX

A stationary NDT solution using innovative active thermography technology. NDTherm FX allows defect detection in laboratory and production line environments.

This easy to use, non-destructive material testing solution provides safe, fast, and effective defect testing for industrial applications. Making use of active thermography technology, our NDTherm solution is designed to detect composite defects, providing an accurate assessment of the condition of the inner layers.