Thermal Imaging Cores

Opgal is the largest global provider of thermal cores to both integrators and end users with close to 60,000 units in the field. Opgal has used its vast customer experience to address specific application requirements such as ultra-low power consumption, very low voltage input, extremely short time to image, and built-in digital video output.

Sii Core

Sii Core (VGA, ASi) is a micro-thermal imaging solution that provides all weather vision. It has an advanced, versatile, modular 17μm platform that has been specially designed for civilian applications.

Opgal EyeR 640 17 Thermal Imaging Core

EyeR 640 17

Opgal’s next generation 17μm microbolometer thermal camera core platform is especially designed for better, smaller, cheaper integration by OEM clients who need VGA resolution.

Opgal Claritii Near Infrared Camera

EyeR Core NV

EyeR Core NV (VGA, ASi) is an advanced, versatile, thermal core that supports an ASi microbolometer detector, including 17μ detector technology.

The thermal imaging cores displayed above provide practical solutions for a range of applications requiring thermal engines. Choose the option that best fits your needs, be it the EyeR 640 17 which provides cost effective solutions for OEM integration, the flexible EyeR Core AD whose elegant design supports a wider range of high sensitivity imaging performance, or the super compact and energy efficient EyeR Core NV with an advanced modular design for maximum output with a minimal footprint. Still have questions? Contact us to discuss your individual needs.