Thermal Cameras

For ultimate security day or night, Opgal’s suite of thermal cameras provides unmatched thermal vision and detection. Giving you 24/7 surveillance capabilities, our customizable security solutions provide clear, high contrast video even in extreme weather conditions, allowing you to protect your most valuable assets, and respond quickly to any intrusion.

Sii OP

The new Sii™ OP is our most state of the art detection system to date. With the incredible clarity of our advanced Opgal Eye-Q™  technology, Sii™ OP gives you the sharpest thermal imaging while boasting an incredibly easy installation with 24/7 capabilities and a dedicated Software Development Kit (SDK) for full seamless 3rd party integration.

Opgal Sii AT Thermal Camera

Sii AT

The Sii AT is a 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites.

Opgal Sii ML Thermal Camera

Sii ML

The Sii ML is a 24/7 outdoor thermal vision camera used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites.

Opgal Sii XR Thermal Camera

Sii XR

The Sii XR is a thermal vision camera designed to meet a variety of long range security and surveillance needs, and meets maritime and industrial specifications

Opgal Sii XRU Thermal Camera


Sii XRU is available as a standalone long range thermal camera package that is easy to integrate with other systems.

Accuracii TO

Accuracii TO is a powerful, round-the-clock, thermal, precision PTZ observation system developed for security applications.

The Opgal thermal cameras on this page display different features, but they are all equal in their top of the line thermal imaging and detection capabilities. Choose your individual thermal vision camera based on your needs, be it for outdoor security to capture the highest quality video 24/7 in all conditions or to fill long range surveillance needs that meet your various specifications.