Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras provide ultimate security day or night. Opgal’s thermal cameras provide unmatched infrared imaging and detection. These customizable security solutions provide uninterrupted 24/7 surveillance with clear, high contrast video even in extreme weather conditions, allowing you to protect your most valuable assets, and respond quickly to any intrusion.

Sii OP Thermal Camera - Cybersecurity Ready - NDAA Compliant

Sii OP Thermal Camera

The Sii OP thermal camera is our most sophisticated detection system to date, with a suite of cybersecurity features. This thermal imaging camera boasts an incredibly easy installation, including thermal and visual capabilities and ONVIF conformity for seamless 3rd party integration.

Opgal Sii AT Thermal Camera

Sii AT Fire Detection

The Sii AT thermal camera contains our unique flame and hotspot detection analytics for practical short and long-range fire detection applications. This thermal camera has a huge install base worldwide, with fire detection successes spanning more than a decade.

Opgal Sii ML Thermal Security Camera

Sii ML Thermal Camera

The Sii ML thermal camera is used for mid-range detection applications and features a choice of Continuous zoom (15-100mm) or Dual Field of View lens (45/135mm) with Autofocus functions. This thermal camera is useful when a wide field of view is required, but the zoom is necessary for closer inspection of an object.

Opgal Sii XR Thermal Camera

Sii XR Thermal Camera

The Sii XR thermal camera is a cooled thermal camera designed to meet various ultra-long-range security and surveillance needs and meets maritime and industrial specifications. With a large selection of lens options, this thermal camera will meet all long-range requirements.

Opgal Sii XRU Thermal Camera

Sii XRU Thermal Camera

The Sii XRU thermal camera is one of the longest-range uncooled thermal imagers on the market, featuring a 25-225 continuous zoom lens with autofocus. This thermal camera is available as a standalone long-range thermal camera that integrates simply with other systems.

Opgal Accuracci TO Thermal PTZ Camera System

Accuracii TO Thermal Camera

The Accuracii TO thermal camera mounted on an accurate pan-tilt system provides 24/7 wide-area surveillance.

ThermApp MD Pro Brochure

Therm-App® MD Pro

People exhibiting elevated skin temperatures, which may indicate a fever, could then be isolated for further evaluation to determine the cause. Similar quarantine procedures may help minimize the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak. ThermApp MD is a vital tool for fever detection in high-risk areas.

The Opgal thermal cameras on this page display different features, but they are all equal in that they provide top of the line thermal imaging and detection. Choose your individual thermal vision camera based on your needs, be it for outdoor security, or to meet long range surveillance needs.  Opgal thermal cameras capture the highest quality video day and night and in all weather conditions, and can be configured to meet your specifications.