Railway Safety

Railroad crossings are a major safety concern for train operators and local municipalities. Safety systems on railway tracks need to provide train operators with early warning in case of a problem on the tracks or at a nearby crossing. Thermal security cameras deliver round-the-clock monitoring, continuously storing and recording videos of sensitive areas along the railroad. With supporting analytics, the systems can provide alerts when a car, a person or an object (e.g. animal) are at a predefined “secure zone” (an area expected to be free of objects when a train approaches). Alerts and live video can be transmitted to the railway’s safety control room to allow a timely response, significantly reducing the number of train accidents.


Opgal Sii Op Open Source Thermal Camera

Sii OP

The new Sii™ OP is our most state of the art thermal vision camera to date, boasting an incredibly easy installation with day and night capabilities and a dedicated SDK for full seamless 3rd party integration.

Opgal Sii AT Thermal Camera

Sii AT

The Sii AT is a 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites.


These security thermal imaging cameras ensure a high level of safety on railway tracks and crossings.