Prison Security

In an attempt to end the influx of contraband coming over the walls, many prisons have now installed state-of-the-art thermal cameras systems around their perimeters. These thermal cameras can identify potential infiltrators in any weather and lighting conditions, including on the darkest nights, and can also be integrated with day channel cameras to give security teams 24/7 surveillance capabilities of the entire prison perimeter, both inside and outside the fence, adding another layer of security against breakouts and riots.


Opgal Sii Op Open Source Thermal Camera

Sii OP

The new Sii™ OP is our most state of the art thermal vision camera to date, boasting an incredibly easy installation with day and night capabilities and a dedicated SDK for full seamless 3rd party integration.

Opgal Sii AT Thermal Camera

Sii AT

The Sii AT is a 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites.


The prison environment presents a number of security challenges. Opgal's thermal cameras are a great surveillance solution, that can neutralize any threat from outside or within.