Oil and Gas Refineries

Refineries are at constant risk of criminal or terrorist attacks, requiring security and safety solutions that can quickly identify threats before the perimeter is breached or any damage is caused. Thermal cameras imaging systems are especially effective in identifying potential intruders and enabling threat assessment in complete darkness or bad weather.


Opgal Sii AT Thermal Camera

Sii AT

The Sii AT is a 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites.

Opgal Accuracii ML PTZ Camera

Accuracii ML

The Accuracii ML is a powerful day and night, multi-sensor PTZ camera system especially developed for security applications.

Opgal Accuracii XRU PTZ Camera

Accuracii XRU

The Accuracii XRU is a market-leading long-range dual-sensor PTZ security camera. This unique system combines an advanced high-resolution uncooled thermal continuous zoom camera with a mid- or long range visible-light camera on a PTZ unit.