Law Enforcement

With thermal cameras, police officers can more effectively manage surveillance activities, locate and apprehend suspects, investigate crime scenes, and conduct search and rescue operations.


Opgal Accuracii AT Mini HD PTZ Camera

Accuracii AT Mini HD

Accuracii AT Mini HD is an effective & covert ptz security camera, combining thermal and Full HD CMOS channels on an accurate integrated continuous 360° pan, +/- 90° tilt positioner to deliver high quality video 24/7.

Opgal Therm-App® Camera

Therm-App® HZ

Connecting to most Android phones, the compact and lightweight Therm-App®Hz thermal camera has the highest frame rate of a handheld thermal imager on the market today, making it excellent for a variety of high speed applications. It comes with a collection of interchangeable lenses that offer superb image quality for a wide range of uses, and enables users to stream, record, and immediately share high-quality thermal images and videos on the go.

Opgal Sii HB (25 Hz) Handheld Thermal Binoculars

Sii HB 75

The Sii HB 75 handheld thermal binocular with 75mm lens (HHTI 75) provides night vision capability for surveillance, perimeter security, search and rescue, and other applications on land or at sea.


Opgal's thermal security cameras are an ideal choice for police surveillance equipment. Designed for perimeter security, these night security cameras are an excellent tool for all law enforcement agencies.