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Border Security

Protect your borders from the movement of terrorists, smugglers, human traffickers and illegal immigrants, while encouraging legitimate trade and travel. Using thermal camera systems for wide-area surveillance, you can quickly and effectively assess people and vehicles 24/7 and in real-time.

Securing land and coastal borders security requires round-the-clock, all weather, long distance surveillance technology. Border protection surveillance systems need to scan wide areas and identify targets in real time, assessing whether the intruders are illegal immigrants or refugees, smugglers, traffickers, terrorists or enemy forces. The ability of our thermal cameras to detect human-sized targets many miles away makes them ideal for the requirements of land and coastal border surveillance and protection.

Detect man, vehicle, and small vessel sized objects at a distance and in harsh terrains with thermal camera solutions. With these thermal imaging cameras protecting your borders and frontiers, you can rest assured that infiltrators will be quickly identified.