Thermal Sights For Remote Weapon Systems

Detect and identify threats and targets with our state of the art thermal sights for remote weapon systems. Improve firing accuracy and enable soldiers to effectively use their weapons in multiple combat environments while minimizing the risk to noncombatant and friendly forces.

Opgal Arbel AD Thermal Camera


Delivering innovative solutions for long range observation and situational awareness, Opgal’s Arbel line of thermal cameras is available in a variety of configurations that offer single, double, or triple field of view lenses while retaining line of sight on the target.

Opgal Eyelite Thermal camera

EyeLite 640

EyeLite 640 is a thermal sight for remote weapon system stations (RWS) and can be integrated into gimbals, pan-tilt observation stations and other fixed or mobile platforms. It is equipped with a continuous zoom telescope to maintain line of sight with the target.

Opgal Golan Long Range Thermal Camera


The Golan thermal camera is ruggedized to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity, dust, shocks and vibrations. It can be used stand-alone and/or as an OEM sensor to be integrated in the customer’s surveillance or weapon sight systems.


Opgal’s Hurricane is a cost-effective thermal sight for medium and long-range observation and remote weapon stations. The system configuration consists of a thermal video channel, a visible channel, and an optional laser range finder (LRF) device.

The thermal sights for remote weapon systems displayed on this page answer a wide range of observational needs, meeting the highest quality standards, while allowing you to detect incoming threats. With the information they will provide you, you can respond to threats with accuracy while limiting the risk to your defensive forces.