Multi-Camera PTZ Systems

Designed to provide maximum situational awareness and 24/7 threat assessment, Opgal’s user friendly accurate pan tilt zoom cameras help you protect your most valuable assets. With options like HD day cameras, ruggedized systems, and low maintenance long range or high sensitivity ultra-long range surveillance, Opgal’s PTZ camera systems are excellent security solutions for a whole range of requirements and budgets.

Opgal Accuracii AT Mini Thermal Camera System

Accuracii AT Mini

Vumii’s Accuracii AT Mini is a compact and lightweight PTZ camera, which combines two advanced video channels on an accurate integrated continuous 360° pan, +/- 90° tilt positioner to deliver 24/7 covert security.

Opgal Accuracii AT thermal camera system

Accuracii AT

Accuracii AT is a powerful multi-sensor PTZ camera system developed for security applications.

Opgal Accuracii ML thermal and CCD Camera System

Accuracii ML

The Accuracii ML is a powerful day and night, multi-sensor PTZ camera system especially developed for security applications.

Accuracii ML HD

The Accuracii ML HD is a powerful dual-head, multi-channel, multi-sensor PTZ observation system specifically developed for security applications. Featuring a variety of advanced optics, it allows mid-range observation ideal for detection and threat assessment.

Opgal Accuracci XRU PTZ Surveillance system

Accuracii XRU

The Accuracii XRU is a market-leading long-range dual-sensor PTZ security camera. This unique system combines an advanced high-resolution uncooled thermal continuous zoom camera with a mid- or long-range visible-light camera on an accurate PTZ unit.

Opgal Accuracii XRU PTZ Surveillance System

Accuracii XRU HD

The Accuracii XRU HD camera is a market-leading long-range PTZ camera. This unique system combines an advanced uncooled thermal continuous zoom camera with an HD mid or long-range visible-light cameral on a PTZ unit.

Opgal Accuracii XR PTZ Camera System

Accuracii XR

The Accuracii XR dual channel PTZ camera offers ultra long-range surveillance capabilities and combines an advanced cooled thermal camera and a color day camera on an accurate PTZ unit to deliver 24/7 covert security.

Opgal Accuracii AT Go Thermal Camera

Accuracii AT GO

Fire detection capabilities, dual channels, image flip, and an optional gyrostabilizer make this marine ruggedized camera well suited for fixed and mounted applications. Its 360° pan capability allows for full area coverage, while its thermal lens configuration options offer a variety of short, mid, and long distance detection and identification ranges.

The Accuracii series are a versatile group of multi camera systems which use dual channel high-end image processing to provide advanced surveillance and increased security. These systems come equipped with varied features such as day and night sensors, long range visibility cameras and continuous 360° pan and +/- 90° tilt to be able to fill a wide range of surveillance needs.