Tavor BS is a Driver Viewer Enhancer (DVE) solution enabling device. it provides situational awareness and the ability to drive in complete darkness or difficult visibility conditions. It is comprised of a state of-the-art thermal-imaging camera based on Opgal’s® market leading image processing capabilities and is packed into a rugged casing. Tavor BS provides a versatile vehicle vision solution for a wide range of military armored vehicles. Tavor BS has the option to come with an in-vehicle, sturdy, high resolution LCD display providing a crisp picture of the landscape ahead or behind.


  • Enhanced thermal night vision capabilities enable driving in complete darkness and through smoke, dust and dirt
  • Modular kit – each component can be supplied separately
  • User-friendly operation
  • Digital Zoom (x2 and x4)
  • Variety of wide viewing angle (up to 64° horizontal)
  • Sealed enclosure
  • Off the shelf supply – short time to market
  • Highly affordable and cost-effective
  • Easy installation


Available Configurations

  • Complete system kit comprising a camera and a high-resolution LCD display
  • Stand alone camera


Optional Accessories

  • Ruggedized carrying case
  • Mechanical adaptor (camera attachment base)
  • Camera protecting steel cover
  • Modular kit – each component supplied separately


Why Tavor BS?

Tavor BS provides the ultimate vehicle vision solution for a wide range of military armored vehicles. For more information about our customized solutions or a quote, contact us today.

Optional FOV's (HxV)**28° x 21°, 40° x 30°, 50° x 38°, 57° x 43°, 90° x 67°
Thermal Imager Recognition/Identification Range: Person200m/100m, 140m/70m, 105m/60m, 90m/50m, 50m/25m
Operating Voltage18-32 VDC (MIL-STD 1275)
Operating Temperatures-40°C to +60°C
Ruggedized CasingIP67, Front Window