The Sii WS 60 thermal rifle scope provides enhanced night vision capabilities for a variety of applications. It delivers high-resolution night time images to carbines and rifles, enabling human size target detection up to 1,500 meters and vehicle detection up to 3,500 meters. The Sii WS 60 has a built-in laser pointer that allows for either day or nighttime maneuvering, and can be quickly adjusted and boresighted to the type of weapon being used making it ideal for all military operations.



  • Lightweight and compact, the Sii WS 60 ruggedized design allows it to be taken anywhere and can survive harsh field conditions
  • Superb Image Quality- High sensitivity thermal detector
  • Detects human targets up to 1,500m and vehicles up to 3,500m
  • Digital Zoom- x1 to x4 (0.2 steps); optional up to x12
  • Built-in laser pointer for day or nighttime missions
  • Fast Startup- <5 seconds
  • Quick Detection- User selectable reticles and color palettes enable fast detection of targets
  • Image storage – up to 200 image snapshots
  • Simple To Use- User friendly interface


Why Sii WS 60?

The Sii WS 60 is designed to increase accuracy and effectiveness in the field. This thermal scope provides the ability to detect threats in total darkness, bad weather, or when the target is camouflaged.

Imaging Characteristics
Resolution640x480, 17μm
Frame Rate60Hz
Video OutputPAL / NTSC
Digital Zoomx1 to x4 (0.2 steps); optional up to x12
Optical Magnificationx3
Lens Size60mm (75mm optional)
Detection*Human: 1,500m
Nato: 3,500m
Image StorageUp to 200 images
Additional FeaturesDigital compass, elevation / rotation calculation, dynamic reticle

*based on Johnson’s calculation

Laser PointerYes
Operating TimeUp to 9 hours (2x 18650 batteries)
Startup Time5 seconds
InterfaceStandard picatinny rail grabber