The Sii ML is a 24/7 outdoor fixed security thermal camera used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites. The camera provides crisp, clear thermal images in total darkness, light fog, or smoke. The Sii ML features a wide range of thermal engine and lens options using our state-of-the-art uncooled thermal camera technology. There are additional options to add TCP/IP video and control or our embedded Fire Detection Algorithm.



  • High image quality
  • Advanced optics
  • Versatility
  • Easy installation
  • Outdoor design


Available Configurations

The Sii is available as a NTSC or PAL thermal camera with a wide variety of thermal engine, lens and other options.

Advanced Motorized Lenses:

  • Continuous Zoom: 15-100mm
  • Dual Field of View: 45/135mm
  • Fixed Field of View (F#1.0) – 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm

Resolution (RS170/CCIR):

  • 17μ 640 x 480 PAL/NTSC

Fixed or Pan/Tilt Mounted:
(*150mm not available on PTZ unit)


Why Sii ML?

Available with optional fire-detection capabilities, the Sii ML is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a versatile infrared camera. For more information about our customized solutions or a quote, contact us today.


Imaging Characteristics 17μ
Effective Pixels 17μ: 640 x 480
Imager Type Uncooled Microbolometer 7.5-14μ
Video Output RS-170 (30Hz) / CCIR (25Hz), 1.0V p-p, 75ohm
Lens Options (HFOV):
Motorized Zoom & AutoFocus
Dual FOV: 45/135mm (14.3°/4.6°)
Continuous Zoom: 15-100mm (42.2°-6.2°)
Fixed F#1.0: 25mm (25°), 50mm (12.4),
75mm (8.3°), 135mm (4.6°),
In Camera Analytics
Thermal Autofocus Autofocus on Demand is available in Zoom lens configurations
Fire Detection* Flame Detection Alerts
Risk of Fire (Heat) Detection* High Risk of Fire Alert (Temp. Threshold)
Alarm Types* Video Overlay, Serial Communication, and Dry Contact Closure Outputs, IP communication (optional)


Electro-Mechanical Characteristics
Unit Dimensions 12.91” (L) x 8.07” (W) x 9.53” (H)
328mm (L) x 205mm (W) x 242mm (H)
Unit Weight < 11.8lbs (5.35kg) – Dependent on Optics
Environmental Rating IP66; 93% RH Humidity
Certifications CE, FCC
Power Input 12-32VDC
(PoE available with TCP/IP version)
Power Consumption <4w Typical, 48w Max
Operating Temperature Sii ML: -33° to + 55° C (-27° to +131° F)
Sii ML: 15-100 & 45/135 lens versions -40° to +60° C (-40° to +140° F)
Sii ML (All IP versions): -33° to + 55° C (-27° to +131° F)
Communication Protocol Pelco-D, Vumii, SDK available
Communication Options Serial: RS422/232/485, TCP/IP (optional): Analog & IP Video/Control (H.264, MJPEG Encoding)
Control Features Autofocus on demand (45/135mm and 15-100mm only), Continuous Zoom, Digital Zoom


Pan/Tilt Unit Characteristics
Unit Dimensions (including camera) 12.91” (L) x 16.34” (W) x 18.62” (H)
328mm (L) x 415mm (W) x 473mm (H)
Unit Weight < 40lbs (18kg) – Dependent on Optics
Environmental Rating IP66; 93% RH Humidity
Operating Temperature -27° to + 131° F (-33° to +55° C)
Power Input(Consumption) 24VDC (35w Typical, 120w Max)
Communication Protocol Pelco-D, Vumii, SDK available
Control Connection Serial: RS422/485, TCP/IP (optional)
Pan Range / Tilt Range 360° Continuous / -90° to +90°
Pan Speed Variable horizontal speed, 0 – 100°/sec Max, Variable verticalal speed, 0 – 50°/sec Max