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Sii FG

Sii FG


The Sii FG Fog Vision System provides fused multi-spectral (MWIR & SWIR), high-resolution, day and thermal vision capabilities, for conditions of severely reduced visibility. These images, which are normally indiscernible to the naked eye at night, or to MWIR or LWIR thermal cameras in bad weather, are easily detectable with the highly sensitive, cooled Sii FG camera. Even at extreme long ranges, Sii FG provides the visual information necessary for all kinds of operations.

The Sii FG was presented with the 2018 SIA New Product Showcase Award under the “Video Surveillance Advanced Imaging Technologies” category.

Product Features

• Multi-spectral SWIR + MWIR
• Choice of a fused image, or image switching
• Highly sensitive IR sensor
• Powerful electronic processor
• High dynamic range
• Proprietary image-processing algorithms
• High acquisition rate
• Anti-blooming mechanism

Why Sii FG?

Sii FG uses advanced algorithms to deliver increased situational awareness in extreme bad weather such as thick fog, smog, heavy rain, high humidity, and snow. It’s unique high sensitivity sensors provide clear images of train tracks, landscapes, runways, obstructions, and people, with an option for extreme long range capabilities, and multiple fields of view.

Application Story

Land and Sea Border Surveillance