Sii Core (VGA, ASi) is a micro-thermal imaging solution that provides all weather vision. It has an advanced, versatile, modular 17μm platform that has been specially designed for civilian applications. Developed to meet extremely harsh environmental conditions, the Sii Core gives excellent high end performance and has miniature dimensions especially designed for security and mid-range surveillance products.


Ultra-low power consumption

Single input voltage

Extremely short time to image

Built in parallel & analog video outputs


Wy Sii Core?

Sii Core is ideal for OEM thermal imaging solutions. Its adaptable mechanical design allows maximum flexibility and easy customization. With Opgal’s state of the art image processing capabilities and TECless and shutterless operations, Sii Core works without image degredation, using a highly sophisticated algorithm.

FPA Pitch17μm
FPA MaterialASi
NETD (F#1, 25°C)<50mK
Analog Video FormatsPAL/NTSC
Digital VideoCamera link or BT656 / TTL
Full Frame Rate (window)8.7Hz
Time to Image<2 seconds (in shuttered configuration)
Power Consumption<1.2W*
Input Power4 – 14VDC
TEC OperationTECless
Shutter OperationOpgal’s shutterless operation
User ConfigurationSDK & GUI
GraphicsOn screen menu ,text, LOGO, 32 reticles, 256 colors, color palettes
Digital Zoom (steps of 0.1/1)Continuous digital zoom : x1 to x12
Control InterfaceRS232 or 5 push buttons
Video SynchronizationOptional external video synchronization
Operating Temperature Range-40ºC to +75ºC
Video OptimizationAutomatic or manual AGC, video enhancement, gamma correction
Storage Temperature Range-40ºC to +85ºC
Dimensions in mm (w/o lens)33(W) x 41(H) x 25.4(L) - pagoda shutterless
Weight<48g (pagoda shutterless)