The Pintle-Mount Kit is an advanced thermal imaging solution for weapon sight platforms. Specially designed for manually operated machine gun weapon stations (LMG, HMG, GL), it provides best-in-class target acquisition capabilities. It is designed to fit military systems, and can be used as a building block for OEM integrated systems. The platform supports a range of thermal imaging sights for 24/7, day or night, extreme weather and impaired visual conditions. It also supports other digital sensors and peripheral interfaces e.g. laser pointers. The modular platform can be mounted on any customizable weapon carrier, using multiple mechanical interfaces, and a wide range of customizable options.


Product Features

• 24/7 thermal imaging
• Helmet mounted micro display (OLED)
• Power In: Ground-mobile, shipborne, rotorcraft ready
• Reticle calibration
• Custom mechanical adapters
• Non-uniformity correction
• Gain limit control
• Polarity (black hot/white hot)


Why Opgal Customized Solutions?

Cost effective and easy to operate, our Pintle-Mount Kit gives machine gun operators the ability to identify and acquire targets at greater distances and at close range, 24/7, and under limited visibility conditions such as dust, fog, and rain. It greatly increases hit probability, and can be deployed on land vehicles, rotorcraft, and ships. For more information about our customized solutions or a quote, contact us today.

FOV*5.6° x 4.2°4.6° x 3.5°
FocusFixed, athermalElectric
Human Recognition1000m1300m
Removable EyepieceAMOLED 800x600
Continuous Zoom Experiencex1 to x4
Multiple ReticlesUser defined
Image ProcessingOpgal’s image enhancement, gain level
Polarity ControlBlack hot, white hot
BoresightManual electronic
Environmental QualificationMIL-STD 810
Electromechanical Characteristics
Power Supply12 VDC
Power Consumption<5W
Video OutputMini BNC for analog video recording
MountingPicatinny or weaver rail
*More FOV options available