NEVO is an advanced, long-range thermal sniper clip-on sight, which has been designed to easily mount on a picatinny rail in front of the day scope. NEVO enables an accurately aligned day scope to be used at night, in complete darkness, or in adverse weather conditions, without the need to re-zero or re-calibrate the weapon. An integrated laser spot detector improves the coordinated efforts of a sniper with spotters. NEVO’s thermal capabilities mean that it can easily assist the sniper in quickly locating spotted targets. NEVO’s effectiveness in the field is possible due to its high sensitivity, noiseless, uncooled thermal imager. NEVO enables a “hot battery change” (with automatic continuous operation) and can be controlled using  a remote-control keypad.

Product Features

• Compatible with standard day scopes
• Long-range detection for 0.308”, 0.338”, & 0.5” caliber sniper weapons
• Laser targeting for improved collaboration between spotter & sniper
• High accuracy with no re-zeroing or weapon realignment required
• Silent operation
• Rugged design
• Micro USB port
• Remote controlled
• On-board operation
• Easy to operate
• Cost effective
• Picatinny rail: MIL-STD 1913 mounted


Designed for long range use by snipers, special forces, and SWAT teams. NEVO’s rugged design makes it ideal for use in hot, cold, dusty, and other harsh environments for a variety of applications.

Thermal Core
Detector640x480, 17μm High Sensitivity Opgal Eye-QTM
Spectral Band8-12μm
System Sensitivity25mK @ F1
Field of View3.5° x 2.6° 180mm
Spot Detector
Field of View10° x 7.5°
CodesUp to 18 different codes
View Finder
DisplayOLED display 800x600
Eye Piece Display34mm diameter
Remote Control
ControlFull operation
Video OutputYes
Startup TimeLess than 10 seconds
Operating Temperature-20°C to +65°C
Weight<2kg (including battery)
Battery Type2 sets of 4x (#C123)
Communication PortMicro USB
Video OutputPAL / NTSC