NDTherm® AU is a complete and automated solution for large scale parts inspection in manufacturing and production line applications. Opgal’s®NDTherm® AU active thermography NDT solution quickly detects defects in various materials and structures such as composite materials (CFRP, GFRP, sandwich structures, hybrids, etc.), metals, and plastic parts utilizing state of the art active thermography. NDTherm® AU offers inspection of wide areas and complex 3D shapes, including applications where access is only available from one side of the structure. The fully automated system can also offer pass/fail procedures for specific applications.



  • Automatic inspection and coverage of complex parts
  • Allows examination of a variety of materials, composites and structures
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Increases production line efficiency
  • Real time contact-free examination of parts
  • Enables examination when access is limited to one side
  • Industrial or field configuration
  • Customizable to your product or process


  • Automatic pass/fail decision support system using proprietary image processing algorithms

Solution Components

  • Scanning head with integrated thermal imaging camera and radiation source
  • NDTherm® software suite
  • Robotic manipulator (customizable to meet project requirements)
  • Cables
  • Power supply


Why NDTherm® AU?

Opgal’s® NDTherm® AU provides a fast, non-contact, and reliable Non Destructive Testing (NDT) solution that allows you to perform a variety of tests on large parts and complex shapes while using a single system configuration. For more information or a quote, contact us today.

Measuring UnitInspection Area400 x 500mm / 200 x 250mm-
Minimum Operating Distance300mm / 500mmBetween measuring unit and inspected object
Minimum Flaw Size6mm / 3mm-
Average Measuring time30-60 secondsFor a single measurement
Spectral Band8-12μm-
Thermal Camera640 x 480 17μm-
Frame Rate25-30Hz or 8.3Hz
Thermal Sensitivity< 30mk-
Energy SourcesHalogen, 3.6KW-
ManipulatorPayload16kg max-
Maximum Reach1,610mm-
Number of Axes6-
Position Repeatability0.1mm-
Mounting PositionsFloor / Ceiling-
GeneralComputer TypeDesktopFinal configuration TBD
Operating SWWin-7-
Test ModesReflection-

*Specifications are subject to change without notice