Based on the EyeRCore AD thermal camera, our gunner sight kit upgrade gives gunners increased visual range for identification and acquisition of targets, and a clearer view in situations of limited visibility. Available for a wide range of tanks and armored vehicles, our field tested gunner sight upgrades for I2 and 2nd generation thermal imaging channels are an excellent and cost effective solution for this application. The thermal channel replacement includes an uncooled high sensitivity core that fits right into the existing thermal channel housing, in MBTs and light tanks as well as heavy IVFs.


Product Features

  • Suitable for MBTs and heavy APCs
  • Optics built to specifications
  • The thermal channel replaces I2 and 2nd generation thermal imaging channels
  • Controlled by the fire control unit
  • Stand-alone thermal camera + (optional) eyepiece
  • HS uncooled core
  • Battle proven


Why Opgal® Customized Solutions?

Available for a wide range of armored vehicles, our fielded gunner sight upgrades increase situational awareness and are an extremely cost effective solution for providing vision capabilities to vehicles with end of life cooled thermal channels. For more information about our customizable solutions or a quote, contact us today.

Gunner Sight Kit
Thermal CoreEyeRCore AD
Analog Video FormatsPAL/NTSC
Digital VideoCamera link BT656 / TTL
Time to Image<5 seconds
Power Consumption<2W
Operating Voltage12VDC
Telescope Options
TypeApertureFOV**DRI (NATO target)
Fixed Focus Athermalized85mm5.6 x 4.26.7km / 3.0km / 1.6km
Fixed Focus Athermalized100mm4.2 x 3.18.4km / 4.1km / 2.3km
3-FOV120mmN: 2.8 x 2.1 / M: 8.9 x 6.7 / W: 24 x 189.0km / 4.7km / 2.7km
*Specifications are subject to change without notice
**FOV can be adjusted to meet customer needs