Opgal® has used its vast customer experience to answer specific application requirements, such as: ultra low power consumption, single input voltage, extremely short time to image, and built in parallel & analog video outputs. Opgal’s state of the art image processing capabilities have allowed the development of superior high-end algorithms including TECless and shutterless operations. EyeR Core NV (VGA, ASi) is an advanced, versatile, modular platform that supports a microbolometer detector, including 17μ detector technology.



  • Power consumption: < 1.6W
  • High resolution: 640 x 480
  • Opgal’s shutterless algorithm operation
  • FPA pitch: 17μ
  • FPA material: ASi
  • NETD: < 50mK
  • Time to image: < 2 seconds (in shuttered configuration)
  • Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +75ºC


Why EyeR Core NV?

Today’s battlefield and HLS demand a micro thermal imaging solution to achieve maximum all weather vision. The EyeR Core NV gives excellent high-end thermal imaging performance and has miniature dimensions. For more information about our customized solutions or a quote, contact us today.

FPA Pitch17μm
FPA MaterialASi
NETD (F#1, 25°C)<50mK
Analog Video FormatsPAL/NTSC
Digital VideoCamera link or BT656 / TTL
Full Frame Rate (window)25/30Hz or 50/ 60Hz (100/120Hz, 200/ 240Hz)
Time to Image<2 seconds (in shuttered configuration)
Power Consumption1.6W (digital video output @6V input voltage)
Input Power4 – 14VDC
TEC OperationTECless
Shutter OperationOpgal’s shutterless operation
User ConfigurationSDK & GUI
GraphicsOn Screen Menu ,Text, LOGO,32 reticules, 256 colors, color pallets
Digital Zoom (steps of 0.1/1)Continuous digital zoom : x1 to x12
Control InterfaceRS232 or 5 push buttons
Video SynchronizationOptional external video synchronization
Operating Temp. Range-40ºC to +75ºC
Video OptimizationAutomatic or manual AGC, video enhancement, gamma correction
Storage Temp. Range-40ºC to +85ºC
Dimensions in mm (w/o lens)33(W)x41(H)x25.4(L) - pagoda shutterless
Weight<48g (pagoda shutterless)
Environmental StandardsMIL-STD 810F
SRS gunfire and mechanical shocks certified