EyeCSite® measures and quantifies gas leaks for both 24/7 Fixed & Portable EyeCGas cameras. This unique software quantifies all VOC’s (including Methane, Benzene etc.), as well as other  gases, in a simplified and user-friendly interface. With EyeCSite, you can increase surveyors’ efficiency, by enabling them to safely reach areas from a variety of distances. With online and offline analysis, you can operate the software from the field or from the office. The 3rd party integration feature makes it the perfect tool for 24/7 continuous monitoring – providing real-time alerts and intelligent thermography.


  • Real Time Alerts
  • Safe & Rugged
  • For Portable & Fix OGI
  • Real Time & Off Line Quantification supports Modbus/OPC/ONVIF/HART communication protocols
  • Intelligent Thermography
  • Multiple Cameras View
  • Configurable Sensitivity


Quantitative Measurement Solution for OGI cameras.

Why EyeCSite Software?

  • Real-time Leak Measurement of all VOCs
  • Seamless Software Integration
  • User-friendly Interface


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EyeCGas® quantification accuracy specifications below are based on the EyeCGas 2.0 VOC (cooled), EyeCGas Mini (un-cooled), EyeCGas 24/7, EyeCGas 24/7 PRO:


Portable * Fixed**
DL (gr/hr) QL (gr/hr) DL (gr/hr) QL (gr/hr)
Uncooled 10 60 20 120
Cooled 0.35 3 5 30
**2m ΔT  @2C ** 10m ΔT  @2C