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Eye R Core XGA



Opgal’s high resolution Eye R Core XGA thermal imaging system provides unparalleled image quality performance with a 1024×768 resolution, and a short time-to-image. With its small adjustable dimensions, and low power consumption, this advance core is highly versatile and modular – easily customizable and smoothly integrated into any system.

The XGA’s exceptionally high frame rate captures split-second events (like shooting bullets), making it the perfect choice for threat detection and automatic aim for retaliation. Its uniquely sensitive sensor technology compensates for this rapid 120 Hz frequency, resulting in a clear image of high-speed incidents.



  • High 1024×768 resolution
  • High sensitivity of <50mK
  • Small size gives it a low profile
  • Accurate image analysis
  • High speed target recognition
  • High frame rate of 120 frames/sec
  • New: optional shutter-less technology
  • High quality real-time image processing
  • Adaptive design to meet customer needs


Why Eye R Core XGA?

Because good things come in small packages. The Eye R Core XGA is compact and adaptable. It can be integrated into complex systems with ease, without compromising image quality. It is the perfect choice for long-distance applications, providing a wide FOV and a crisp image of an often dynamic and rampant scene.

FPA Pitch17μm
FPA MaterialASi
NETD (F#1, 25°
Digital Video OutputCamera Link
Frame Rate30/60/120Hz (Digital)
Latency (for NUC+BPR)-2 video lines
Time to Image<10 secs
TEC-Less OperationYes
ShutterShutterless (Optional Shutter)
Control InterfaceRS232 serial communication +5 discrete GPIOs
Operating Temperature-40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Power Consumption<9W @120Hz
Dimensions (in mm)56(H) x 59(W) x 62(L)

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