Adverse visual conditions contribute to roughly 20% of ALAs. Visibility/Ceiling are the second largest cause in weather-related incidents, with close to 50% of CFIT or RS accidents citing loss of situational awareness as a contributing factor. Unstabilized approaches have been identified as a critical safety factor in many Runway Excursion accidents,[1] and low visibility affects RVR, hindering approach and landing under harsh weather in the absence of an ILS.


This is where Opgal’s® EVS AP 640 comes in, making sure you’re cleared for landing. With our Enhanced Flight Vision System, pilots can see clearly through fog, smoke, sand, and all forms of precipitation, receiving keen-sighted visuals of over 1200 m through the haze. Come hell or high water, EVS AP 640 will see you through a safe landing.



  • Works in conjunction with the aircraft HUD & HDD
  • Suitable for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Minimizes dependency on airport instruments
  • Certified for landing minima on CAT II runways
  • Improves flight safety and situational awareness
  • Increases Decision Height or MDH to 100ft above TDZE
  • SA in proximity to mountains at night/fog, avoid IMC


  • Avoid obstacles before GPWS/TAWS warnings with a clear visual picture of the environment.
  • On the ground and in flight, see live video of obstructions vs 2D GPWS visuals.
  • Anti-Blooming mechanism cancels interference afflicted by irrelevant sources of light and/or heat
  • Solid State technology with no routine maintenance requirements
  • Minimal training requirements


The EVS AP 640’s wide-spectrum IR image is projected on any integrated HUD, or HDD, offering intuitive out-of-the-window flying, directly minimizing the dependency on airport instruments, and reducing flight and landing minima. Day or night, EVS AP 640 betters flight safety and situational awareness – both in the air and on active taxiways and runways.

Features Description
Weather Performance Cat II weather minima and >1200m
Video Quality/Clarity Single sensor, multi-spectral

Anti-blooming – prevents interference from irrelevant light sources

Resolution 640 x 512
Field of View 32° H X 24°V
Sensor Cooling Cooled
Spectral Range SWIR & MWIR
Video Output (2) SMPTE170 (optional), (2) ARINC 818 video on optical fiber
Power Supply 28VDC

<50W without window heating

Environmental Conditions -55c to + 70c
Qualifications Environmentally Qualified to DO-160G


*Specifications are subject to change without notice