The Accuracii XR offers ultra long-range surveillance capabilities and combines two advanced video channels on an integrated ruggedized 360° pan +/- 90° tilt positioner to deliver 24/7 covert security. The Accuracii XR thermal image camera system is configurable with several options including advanced cooled continuous zoom thermal cameras with market leading thermal auto-focus as well as a choice of mid, long, or extreme long-range day color cameras options. Continuous zoom optics and high resolution imagers are ideal for tracking with threat detection performance of more than 20km.



  • Long range cooled thermal imaging
  • Dual continuous zoom channels
  • 360° pan +/- 90° tilt positioner
  • Easy to integrate
  • Rugged design
  • GPS, LRF (optional)



Thermal Imager & Optics:


  • CZ275: 15µ 640 x 512 19 – 275mm continuous zoom
  • CZ300: 15µ 640 x 512 15 – 300mm continuous zoom
  • CZ420: 15µ 640 x 512 21 – 420mm continuous zoom
  • CZ700: 15µ 640 x 512 48.5 – 700mm continuous zoom

Day (color) Imager & Optics:

  • CZ275: 10-320mm continuous zoom
  • CZ300: 10-320mm continuous zoom
  • CZ420: 15.6-500mm continuous zoom
  • CZ700: 15.6-500mm continuous zoom

HD Day (color) Imager & Optics:

  • CZ275: 12.5-400mm continuous zoom
  • CZ300: 12.5-400mm continuous zoom
  • CZ420: 15.6-500mm continuous zoom
  • CZ700: 15.6-500mm continuous zoom

Why Accuracii XR?

When you need ultra long range surveillance for threat detection and tracking, with color and thermal channels and lots of options, look no further than Accuracii XR. For more information or a quote, contact us today.


Accuracii XR Imaging Characteristics

FeaturesThermal ChannelDay Channel
Imager TypeCooled 15µ InSb 3-5µColor CCDColor HD CMOS
Resolution640 x 512768x4941920x1080
NETD< 20° mK
SNR >50dB
Video OutputRS 170 (30Hz) / CCIR (25Hz)NTSC (30Hz) / PAL (25Hz)
Imager FeaturesMotorized Focus, Autofocus on Demand Polarity,
NUC, Image Flip, Manual Gain/Level,
Optical & DigitalZoom
12x Digital Zoom & Autofocus
Continuous Zoom LensCZ275 19-275mm: 29.8°-2.0° HFOV
CZ300 15-300mm: 35.1°-1.8° HFOV
10-320mm (32x): 35.3°-1.1° HFOV
CZ420 21-420mm: 25.1° - 1.3° HFOV
CZ700 48.5-700mm: 11.9°-0.8° HFOV
15.6-500mm (32x): 22.4°-0.45° HFOV
FeaturesSystem Specifications
Unit DimensionsDependent on configuration - see system specifications
Unit WeightDependent on configuration - see system specifications
Environmental RatingIP66
CertificationsCE, FCC
Power Input18-28VDC
Power Consumption30w typical; 350w max
Operating Temperature-40° to +60°C (-40° to +140° F)
Communication ProtocolPelco D, ONIVF Profile S
Control ConnectionSerial: RS422/RS485, TCP/IP
Accuracy+/-1.5 mRad
Pan Range360° Continuous
Tilt Range-90° to +90°
Pan SpeedVariable Speed, 0.1° -50°/sec max