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Opgal OGI Academy – Quantification


1 min


Dr. Ram Hashmonay

published published

September 14, 2020


OGI AcademyWebinar

Understanding OGI Leak Quantification

Recently, market demand is rapidly increasing for OGI quantification. Quantifying leak rates with OGI is an extremely complex and challenging to achieve. This specific task requires a sufficient level of problem-solving and innovation skills in different steps of the process.

To be able to quantify with OGI, Opgal uses the help of basic science and physics thorough the radiation in the atmosphere in order to overcome some of these challenges.

EyeCSite Quantification Software

Opgal developed an advanced algorithm that can determine PIC (Path Integrated Concentration), and CL (Concentration Length) for a pixel in the Optical Gas Imaging camera, which can also determine MFLR- Mass Flow Leak Rate. While Combining this with environment aspects like windspeed.

What makes Opgal’s EyeCSite quantification software stand out? Other types of OGI quantification software generally utilize RF (Response Factors) relative for propane response, Opgal’s algorithm utilizes compound-specific response function to determining the PIC (Path Integrated Concentration).

In this training, we will teach you the basics of OGI quantification and the EyeCSite software. Including the different stages of the process. And ultimately how to improve the performance of your measurements:

Scientific Document

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Executive Summary

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