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Opgal appoints Thermo-Fisher Scientific as exclusive distributor of EyeCGas in China



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January 24, 2018


Opgal and Thermo Fisher Scientific recently signed a two-year contract for the distribution of EyeCGas Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras in mainland China. The agreement was signed after several years of joint activity between the two companies, in anticipation of market growth given recent Chinese government decisions to dramatically reduce gas emissions throughout the country.

The EyeCGas camera is designed for the oil and gas industry and utilizes ultra-sensitive infrared imaging technology to visualize hydrocarbon and volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks with pinpoint accuracy. It is the only gas imaging camera meeting ATEX (ATEX II 3G Ex nL IIC T6), and UL (Class 1 Div2) requirements for the use in hazardous locations and fully compliant with the US EPA OOOOa regulation requirement.

“The Chinese Oil & Gas industry is quickly adopting new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to take part in this effort and are very happy to have a global player such as Thermo-Fisher Scientific as our exclusive distributor for the EyeCGas OGI camera in the Chinese territory. Optical gas imaging was adopted as the best system for emission reduction (BSER), as it enables detecting leaks safely, remotely, and efficiently. This verification gives operators confidence that EyeCGas is the right tool for the job. We hope that the effects of using EyeCGas in the Chinese Oil & Gas industry will be yet another step in creating a cleaner and safer world”, said Omer Yanai, Vice President of Gas Imaging and Technology Innovation at OPGAL.

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