Near Infrared Cameras

Utilizing near infrared camera technology, Opgal provides laser and infrared-based illumination products. These powerful cameras enable detailed human assessment in complete darkness or daylight at long ranges. People and faces are easily identifiable, and text and numbers can be read even through glass, even in complete darkness.


Claritii is the latest LED enhanced near infrared camera imaging solution for outdoor perimeter and border protection.


The Discoverii near IR camera systems leverage the power of directed covert (laser) energy to see incredible details during the day or in absolute darkness at night.

These two near IR camera systems work to provide near infrared optical imaging even under difficult environmental circumstances. The cameras use laser and infrared energy respectively to enable sharp and clear images to be detected, both in the daylight and at night. The combination of several distance options, and ultra-clear picture make these impressive systems an important component of any security system.