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Mobile Surveillance System

Smart and portal surveillance solutions for mobile applications.

Smuggling. Illegal immigration. Terrorist threats.

Opgal’s Accuracii systems carry out wide-area scene surveillance, as well as close-up threat assessment. Hundreds of systems are in operation on borders in the Euro-Asia zone. Now, we are  introducing a mobile surveillance solution.

The Accuracii Mobile Surveillance System is simple to install on any kind of vehicle. It can withstand high speeds and rough terrain, allowing you to keep an eye out for trouble even in remote and hard-to-reach outposts.

Dozens of units are already deployed across multiple borders, aiding Border Police and Civil Guard forces to maintain peace in their border-towns. With the ability to detect a human from up to 4km away, and a moving vehicle from up to 7km away, the Accuracii’ s powerful optics and advanced image processing prove that good things do come in small packages.