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Thermal Night Vision Camera

The popular Android-based Therm-App thermal camera is a perfect choice for personal applications, including outdoor surveillance, wildlife observation, home improvement, caving and many other outdoor pursuits.

No matter your reason for being out after dark, Opgal provides a variety of handheld thermal imagers, meaning­ time will never again dictate your hours of operation. Choose the thermal night vision system that meets your needs from a variety of personal vision systems, including Android thermal cameras with an ever-growing number of applications. Our mobile night vision cameras are perfect for camping, caving, wildlife observation, and surveillance, at any time of day or night.

Reveal, observe, and track the creatures of the night, and experience their behavior like never before possible. Opgal provides a wide variety of thermal cameras suitable for various applications. No matter your needs, Opgal has great thermal imaging cameras that will enhance your vision, any time of day or night.