Outdoors Night Time Observation

No matter your reason for being out after dark, with Opgal’s­ personal vision system time will never again dictate your hours of operation. For each use, you can choose the system that meets your needs from a variety of personal vision systems including Android thermal cameras and an endless amount of applications. Our mobile devices are perfect for camping, hunting, caving, wildlife observation, and surveillance, at any time of night.


Opgal Therm-App® Android Camera

Therm-App® HZ

Connecting to most Android phones, the compact and lightweight Therm-App®Hz Camera has the highest frame rate of a handheld thermal imager on the market today, making it excellent for a variety of high speed applications. It comes with a collection of interchangeable lenses that offer superb image quality for a wide range of uses, and enables users to stream, record, and immediately share high-quality thermal images and videos on the go.

Opgal Sii HB Handheld Thermal Binoculars

Sii HB

The Sii HB handheld thermal binocular with 75mm lens (HHTI 75) provides night vision capability for surveillance, perimeter security, search and rescue, and other applications on land or at sea.

Opgal Sii WS Thermal Weapon Scope

Sii WS

The Sii WS thermal weapon scope provides night vision capabilities for security, law enforcement, and hunting, and is designed to increase accuracy and effectiveness, enhancing the safety of security personnel during operations.