Mobile Thermal Imaging Solutions

Opgal offers two families of mobile thermal imaging systems; our personal handheld thermal imagers, including thermal binoculars and monoculars, as well as a family of open source, lightweight, high performance Android thermal cameras. Opgals PVS’s are perfect for a variety of covert and mobile thermal imaging needs, while Opgal’s open source thermal imaging technology turns many types of smart devices into powerful thermal cameras for professional, thermography, and personal thermal imaging applications. Our SDK is compatible with Android and LINUX, making the Therm-App® a far more mature system than others on the market today.

Opgal Cameras for night vision

Thermal Night Vision Camera

Reveal, observe, and track the creatures of the night, and experience their behavior like never before possible.

Opgal thermal cameras for infrared thermography

Infrared Thermography

The best image quality for your professional thermography requirements, on a constantly evolving open platform.

Opgal Cameras for Search and Rescue (SAR)

Search and Rescue

Mobile thermal imaging cameras that can save hours or days in a search, and even make the difference between life & death.


Opgal provides serveral handheld thermal imaging solutions which can be used for outdoors and night time observation, thermology and search and rescue applications.