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Handheld OGI Solutions

Innovative handheld OGI cameras for the oil & gas industry, including downstream, midstream or upstream producers. Using Opgal OGI cameras enables you to quickly and efficiently detect Methane and over 400 VOCs; whether it’s a routine inspection or as part of regulatory compliance.

Many industries involve the usage or disposal of gases as part of their daily operations. Gas leaks from process and transport systems are a common problem that cause health, safety, and environmental issues, as such they are under the continuous enforcement of government regulators. Finding and repairing leaks quickly and effectively can provide major economic value by allowing you to avoid regulatory fines and reduce product loss. Optical Gas Imaging (OGI), is an innovative thermal imaging technology that is now recognized by regulators as the best system for emissions reduction.


EyeCGas is an infrared optical gas imaging (OGI) solution for the safe and fast detection of gas leaks and fugitive emissions even from a distance. When it comes to gas leak detection, Opgal provides a suite of high end solutions for optical gas imaging. Learn more about these specific gas leak detection cameras.