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Thermal Imaging Cameras for Homeland Security (HLS) and Security

Securing a site or city requires the ability to distinguish between friend and foe, and in today’s world, that means 24/7 video surveillance. With Opgal’s high powered thermal perimeter security cameras providing unprecedented situational awareness, security forces can now observe, investigate, and if needed, respond to any situation during the day or at night, even in harsh visibility conditions like rain and fog.

Airport Security Solutions

Airport Security and Surveillance

Check out these industry-leading thermal airport surveillance camera systems which are deployed in airports globally to prevent intrusion and mitigate risks, 24/7, and in all weather.

Homeland Security Solutions

Border Security

Protect your borders from the movement of terrorists, smugglers, human traffickers and illegal immigrants, while encouraging legitimate trade and travel. Using thermal camera systems for wide-area surveillance, you can quickly and effectively assess people and vehicles 24/7 and in real-time.

Critical Infrastructure Solutions

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructure thermal surveillance solutions combined with VMD enable full coverage of large plants to prevent perimeter breaches or the presence of unauthorized individuals in restricted areas.

Port Security Solutions

Port and Maritime Security

Securing ports and other maritime areas is a challenge, however thermal imaging cameras operate in all weather conditions and provide accurate imagery 24/7.

Fire Detection Solutions

Fire Detection

These versatile and reliable thermal fire detection cameras haven effective flame and hot spot detection enhancing the safety and security of infrastructure, equipment and personnel.

Law Enforcement Solutions

Law Enforcement

Thermal imaging cameras can help law enforcement bodies to police more effectively. These devices can help with surveillance, crime scenes and, search and rescue operations.

Oil and Gas Solutions

Oil and Gas Security

Thermal cameras used as part of oil and gas surveillance solutions are especially effective in identifying potential intruders and enabling threat assessment in complete darkness or bad weather.

Prison Solutions

Prison Security

Many prisons have now installed thermal camera systems with VMD around their perimeters. These thermal cameras can identify and prevent potential infiltrators, escapees attempting a jailbreak and contraband coming over the walls.

Fog Solutions

Fog Penetration

Many situations call for thermal cameras that can penetrate through fog and haze. This rapidly advancing technology serves a variety of applications.

Railway Solutions

Railway Safety

Thermal security cameras deliver round-the-clock monitoring of railways and railroad crossings, continuously recording videos of sensitive areas along a railroad. With supporting VMD analytics, these cameras can provide alerts when a car, a person or an object are in a predefined zone.

Solar Farm Solutions

Solar Farms

Solar farms can be vulnerable to vandalism and theft, making early warning of potential threats an essential feature of any security system. Thermal camera solutions are extremely accurate, an operated 24/7 in all weather and are extremely effective when paired with VMD analytics software.

Safe City Solutions

Safe City and City-Wide Surveillance

Thermal imaging cameras are a useful law enforcement tool, providing sharp images in all weather conditions and complete darkness. Combined with fire detection analytics, it's possible to monitor threats of fire while simultaneously preventing crime.