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Fixed Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Cameras

Fixed Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

What is Optical Gas Imaging?

Optical Gas Imaging is a thermal imaging technology used for gas leak detection and the visualization of gases, such as methane and over 400 hydrocarbon and VOC gases. The technology utilizes high sensitivity infrared cameras for detecting minute fugitive emissions of industrial gases. Fixed cameras provide solutions for automated continuous gas leak detection, operating 24/7 in hazardous oil and gas locations. Gas leak detection cameras enable the quick and safe detection and visualization of fugitive emissions leaks; thus, you can see and repair leaks quickly, prevent significant damage, and avoid fines. For the past decade, EyeCGas has been used globally and is now recognized by regulators to be the best system for emissions reduction.

The optical gas imaging cameras displayed on this page are designed for easy gas leak detection. These powerful systems are essential tools for the nuclear power, oil & gas, and food oil industries, as they provide the ability to detect gas leaks at a range of distances. Our optical gas imaging cameras help keep product where it belongs, and can potentially help to prevent regulatory fines, as well as more expensive repairs. Opgal has several infrared gas detection cameras to choose from, based on a variety of gas monitoring needs.