Driver Vision Enhancement

Our Driver Vision Enhancement and Local Situational Awareness systems increase the security and safety of a vehicle’s crew by enabling the driver and other crew members to visualize the local scenery on a display in real-time and identify potential threats and obstacles. Opgal’s line of DVE and LSA products and solutions allows users enhanced night vision, detecting and alerting them to threats, obstacles, and targets of interest.

Opgal Tavor BS DVE Kit

Tavor BS DVE Kit

The Tavor BS driver vision enhancement kit includes a state of the art thermal imaging camera with a variety of wide viewing angles (up to 180° horizontal FOV) available in an off-the-shelf modular kit.

Opgal Tavor BS DVE thermal camera

Tavor BS

Tavor™ BS is a Driver Viewer Enhancer (DVE) solution enabling situational awareness, and enhanced night vision for driving in complete darkness or difficult visibility conditions.

Opgal Tavor Sa Thermal Camera

Tavor SA

Tavor SA is a state of the art dual sensor driver vision enhancement thermal imaging camera based on Opgal’s® market leading image processing capabilities.

Opgal Tavor SM Night Vision Enhancement

Tavor SM

The Tavor SM camera is a situational awareness solution which enables enhanced night vision in complete darkness and difficult visibility conditions.

Opgal Tavor 180 Local Situational Awareness Kit

Tavor 180° LSA Kit

The Tavor 180° kits consist of a suite of day, and thermal Tavor SM cameras mounted on the sides, front, and back of the armored vehicle to give 180° of clear thermal imaging and local situational awareness, for enhanced driver vision, day and night.

Opgal Tavor PS thermal camera

Tavor PS

The Tavor PS thermal and optional day channel upgrade fits into the existing periscope housing of many armored vehicles and enables local situational awareness acting as a night vision enhancer for driving in complete darkness and difficult visibility conditions.

With these vision enhancing solutions, awareness of ones surroundings can be greatly improved. These driver vision enhancement themal cameras are a critical asset on the battlefield.