Local Situational Awareness

Designed to enhance the operability of armored vehicles and the capabilities of their crews, Opgal® provides integrators with a wide range of local situational awareness systems that can be incorporated into new and upgraded/refurbished vehicles. Our line of LSA’s provide wide fields of view, enhancing operational capabilities in situations of low visibility or complete darkness. The thermal camera image feed is not affected by explosions from IED’s or other flares, improving crews ability to react quickly to the situations around them.


Opgal Tavor SA Driver Vision Enhancement

Tavor SA

Tavor SA is a state of the art dual sensor driver vision enhancement thermal imaging camera based on Opgal’s® market leading image processing capabilities.

Opgal Tavor SM Night Vision Enhancement

Tavor SM

The Tavor SM camera is a situational awareness solution which enables enhanced night vision in complete darkness and difficult visibility conditions.

Opgal Tavor BS Night Vision Enhancement

Tavor BS

Tavor™ BS is a Driver Viewer Enhancer (DVE) solution enabling situational awareness, and enhanced night vision for driving in complete darkness or difficult visibility conditions.