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Driving Vision Enhancer (DVE)

Driving Vision Enhancer (DVE)

On the battlefield, being able to maneuver a vehicle regardless of visibility conditions can make the difference between mission failure and success. Drivers need to be able to clearly see where they are going in any situation, but the fortified nature of armored vehicles means that drivers understanding of the situation outside the vehicle is often minimal without technology. Early driver vision technology, still installed in many vehicles, has a very narrow field of view. Opgal’s defense team specializes in providing armored vehicle upgrades that enhance drivers vision. Our line of driver viewer enhancers (DVEs) can provide a wide field of view up to 360°, and enable driving in complete nighttime darkness or low visibility conditions. The thermal imaging cameras feed is not affected by explosions from IED’s or other flares, improving crews driving capabilities, as well as their ability to quickly react to the situation outside the vehicle.

With these vision enhancing solutions, awareness of ones surroundings can be greatly improved. These driver vision enhancement thermal cameras are a critical asset on the battlefield. Military thermal cameras help provide and maintain clear sight day or night, greatly increasing your crews survivability.


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