Armored Vehicle Retrofits

Opgal’s experienced defense team specializes in providing armored vehicle retrofits and upgrades that enhance survivability. Opgal provides integrators and end users with APC camera solutions for long range gunner and commander sights and weapons stations that can be incorporated into upgraded and refurbished vehicles. Our battle proven thermal cameras solutions provide optimum vision and improved situational awareness for today’s 24 hour all weather battlefield environment.


Opgal Gunner Sight Kits for Armored Vehicles

Gunner Sight Kits

Our gunner sight upgrades give gunners increased visual range for identification and acquisition of targets, and a clearer view in situations of limited visibility. They are also an extremely cost effective solution for providing vision capabilities to vehicles with end of life cooled thermal channels.

Opgal Commander Sight Kits for Armored Vehicles

Commander Sight Kits

Our commander sight kit upgrade provides enhanced vision capabilities for peri-telescopes and gives armored vehicle crews the ability to reconnoiter, identify, and tag targets at greater distances and at close range, 24/7 and under limited visibility conditions such as dust, fog, and rain.

Opgal Arbel HW sight for RCWS

Arbel AD

Delivering an innovative solution for long range observation and situational awareness, Opgal’s Arbel AD thermal camera is equipped with a dual field of view lens providing wide (14.3˚) and narrow (4.6˚) field of view while retaining line of sight on the target.