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10 Thermal Imaging Tips – #2 Cooled vs. Uncooled

November 14, 2019

Hear our Thermal Experts talk about their thermal imaging tips.

Elad Vekstain, from our R&D team, talks about the pros and cons of cooled and uncooled thermal cameras.

Should your customer use cooled or uncooled thermal cameras?

In the past – cooled was really the only option for most applications.

Over the last two decades, uncooled technology has been replacing cooled with significant advantages:

  • The initial cost is much lower.
  • Immediate startup time – no need to wait for that noisy cooler to cool down the detector
  • Reduced power consumption
  • But most importantly – low maintenance. This is essential in security as your camera is active 24/7. Even the longest MTBF cooler of twenty thousand (20,000) hours is going to need to be sent back to factory within 2 years for preventive maintenance.

However – for some applications, like very long range – cooled is the only tech that can cut it.

Stay tuned for the next tip – coming soon!

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