10 Thermal Imaging Tips – #1 Ranges

November 12, 2019

Hear our Thermal Experts talk about their thermal imaging tips.

Tom Gibbs, our US Sales Director, starts the series with a small tip about surveillance ranges, AKA – DRI:

When your customer tells you that they need to see a target at 5 km, you first need to determine what they want to see.

A human? A tank? A cat? The size of the target effects the range.

Then, ensure you and your customer are talking about the same thing. What does “seeing” mean? We normally define this by using terms such as Detection, Recognition and Identification – AKA: DRI.

Ask your customer how many pixels they need to see?

  • Detection is normally 2 pixels, but we really don’t know what we’re seeing – only that there’s something there.
  • Recognition is 6 pixels and we can determine if it’s a human or an animal, and if he has something large in his hands.
  • Identification – that’s 12 pixels and now we can see clothing, backpacks and any object in hand.
  • Defining this ahead of time with your customer can be the key to avoiding some uncomfortable and expensive do-overs.

Stay tuned for the next tip – coming soon!

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