Virtual Perimeter Planning Using Thermal Imaging Cameras

February 04, 2016

With the alarming rate of crime in homes and businesses, surveillance security systems are no longer a luxury but are actually a necessity. Whether the concern is robbery, kidnapping, vandalism, or terrorism, a well-designed surveillance system is crucial for maximum protection. Designing such a system can be hampered by the difficulty in visualizing the entirety of the property. This overview is important so that security systems can be placed logically and effectively. The use of thermal imaging cameras, the most innovative advancement in surveillance technology, can be maximized when a solid strategy is put in place.

Customized Security Solutions

To ensure that your surveillance strategy will be effective, planning ahead before purchasing cameras makes sense. A new way to plan protection of your property or critical infrastructure perimeter is by using Vumii SiteBuilder™, an advanced layout tool that allows you to customize security solutions for a particular location. This state-of-the-art web application draws on Google maps to provide a topographic map of your site. With a clear view of your site, you can decide where to place cameras, choose a field of view for each camera, and decide if a thermal or near-IR camera is appropriate for that specific spot. You place the virtual cameras on the topographical map in the best arrangement to provide full protection.

Proper Camera Coverage

Operating SiteBuilder is done with the click of a camera button on the screen. You can decide where to place various types of security cameras, and the accurate data feedback lets you make important decisions about camera placement. The display will show you if there are areas that are not covered or are not appropriately covered. Then you can add cameras to cover those areas. With this valuable understanding of the camera coverage, you can try out different cameras and lenses to improve security coverage.


Thermal imaging cameras are an important part of today’s total security solution, as they are able to detect heat (aka thermal energy) 24/7 in places where typical cameras have little use. This ability is particularly vital when guarding a perimeter of a property. The perimeter is the point of most vulnerability, and SiteBuilder helps you to protect this sensitive area. Near-IR cameras can be useful for some targets, and the flexibility of this program lets you decide where to use thermal imaging cameras and where to use alternate cameras. Additionally, you can choose to use fixed or pan/tilt camera positioning, different types of sensors, location of mounting, and lens size.

SiteBuilder is the most technologically advanced and intelligent way to plan your security system and prevent security breaches. In conjunction with thermal imaging cameras, this tool can provide the best all-around security system for your situation.

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