Thermal Cameras and Airports: The Ultimate Security Buffer

Thermal Cameras and Airports: The Ultimate Security Buffer

November 13, 2016

Thermal Security Cameras Dramatically Bolster Airport Security

Regional, national and international airports are prized targets for criminal and subversive elements. Securing the perimeters of airports is a #1 priority for local, state and federal agencies. The importance of providing around-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of airport perimeters has been highlighted in the heinous acts that have been committed on airport grounds and with airplanes. Fortunately, thermal cameras provide the most comprehensive solution to protecting the perimeters of airports. These imaging systems are the core components of 24/7 security systems. They are capable of working alongside other systems to bolster airport security. All of the world’s airport authorities are now either using or planning to use thermal security cameras. These cameras are tasked with protecting airport employees, passengers, planes and equipment.

Images Induced by Heat Emissions

Thermal imaging cameras work alongside sensors to provide adequate warning of potential perimeter breaches. Since they can see in total darkness, nothing gets by them. As long as the intruder has a heat source (hot or cold), he/she will be detected. Airport security personnel cannot afford to take their finger off the pulse even for a minute. The slightest lapse in concentration can lead to catastrophe of epic proportions. In the days of old, closed-circuit television cameras were used. They are only useful if they can see under current light conditions. Normal CCTV cameras are extremely limited in terms of where they can be installed and what is required for them to function effectively.

There are zero limitations when it comes to thermal imaging cameras. Any heat emitted by vehicles, equipment, infrastructure, individuals, animals or aircraft is easily picked up by the thermal cameras. The moment an anomaly is spotted the appropriate response teams can be notified. This heads problems off at the pass. Bigger airports find thermal cameras to be indispensable to their security needs. The major airports in the New York area, including Teterboro, LaGuardia, Newark and Kennedy use thermal cameras as part of their security operations. In fact, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has initiated a project known as APIDS (Airport Perimeter Intrusion Detection System). Thermal cameras also work alongside other security equipment including sensors and radar to monitor the air and ground.